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More than half of the world’s population today is under the age of 30, with a large majority of them already living or aspiring to live in urban areas. What these young people bring along is unwavering readiness to contribute their energy, creativity, and capacity to play a central role in transforming the city and neighborhood they live in, which they call it “home”.

And still, this national capital has an immense challenge to effect positive change in urban and regional development trajectories.

The Local Pathways Fellowship is bringing together a network of young thought leaders, urban planners, sustainability advocates, researchers and innovators from more than 50 cities across the world to advance local dialogue, collaboration and problem solving around the Sustainable Development Goals and to make cities and urban settlements “smart, fair and sustainable”. 

Shadnaz Azizi as a local pathways fellow who is based in Iran aims to localized SDG11 with her colleagues.

If you are really passionate to be enablers of change in transforming the city which you call it home join us in our experience of a lived journey. 

Want to know what sustainable development goals (SDGs) are all about? Find out by exploring Agenda 2030 & this video.